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Codesealer is a cutting-edge cyber security company, whose mission is to minimize cyber risks and ensure hackers move on. Our end to end security solutions provide a seal that makes it near impossible for hackers to attack APIs, web applications, network communications, and end-users.

The core of our technology has successfully protected national infrastructure in Scandinavia over the past decade. Our patented security solution has been proven on 100 billion sessions supporting critical financial and public infrastructure without compromise.

Our clients are financial services companies from local fintechs to global institutions, payment networks, goverments and international brands seeking to mitigate threats to customer-facing services.

We’re headquartered in Copenhagen with Nordic engineering, with offices in New York, Chennai and Charlotte.





Cybersecurity challenges:

  • Growing attack surface and ever-changing threat landscape
  • Fast development cycles
  • Increasing risk of supply chain attacks
  • Very high focus on security, but only complex solutions

Codesealer uniquely encrypts APIs, application code, and data while the web application is being used. This prohibits a potential attacker from planning and executing an attack.

Codesealer is designed for seamless integration and can be used as an SaaS or deployed on-prem. No changes are needed for the application to be protected nor do end-users need to do anything.



Codesealer builds end to end security solutions to prevent cyber attacks using patented technology that enables encryption of customer-facing web applications and APIs.

We know that security is an arms race and we therefore work closely together with some of the best independent white-hat hackers in the world to remove as many attack vectors as possible, ensuring that potential attackers move on to other targets not protected by Codesealer.

Our solutions are designed to make reconnaissance and planning of attacks impossible – removing the very foundation of any cyber attack.